Here’s where you get to read more about me, so let’s get to it already.

Started with XHTML in 2011, if you remember creating websites on wapka, you are as OG as I am. Then I moved on to understanding CSS and HTML, blogger templates, CMSs such as WordPress, XenForo, Vanilla BB… My main language is PHP, hence I know how to build and handle custom PHP scripts.

When I’m not writing codes, I’m writing still, but this time – poetry. I do page and spoken word poetry and have been public with it since 2014. Lastly, since 2017, I have been a logo designer too.

Web Design
PHP and CMSs is my specialty. If you can think it, I can bring it to life online using any or both.

Logo Design
I am very much in the business of creating timeless marks for brands to stand out with.

This is the basis of the phrase; Cirphrank is a pun.
I’m a lover and connoisseur of the art, page, and spoken. You can realize that for yourself at no cost, just head on to my youtube page for a video or download one of the free eBooks available here on the website.

I run a couple of startups. I sell pants, poetry books…