Victony – Like Dat (Poetry Cover)

Na who nor know say you bad like that?

Carry face like who ogbanje newly convert, and as e dey be so, I don turn your new convert, carry dey worship your presence like say you be shrine, I nor even dey mind say you dey use me shine, e sure me die say if nor be for my mama prayers dem, you for don waste me throway with this your wicked with your waste whine!

So I dey ask babe, na who nor know say you bad like that? carry dimples wey simple but e dey burst brain! smile wey dey make man craze, open teeth wey dey make man open wallet say abegi take wetin you wan take!

You dey make me break rules, I dey follow one way cos I dey follow your ikebe, ikebe we big pass glo brekete, e full everywhere! e full my head!

Come wey you? throway talk! wey your papa, how much e wan take? dat my house wey dey lagos, apapa to be precise, I dey reason dash her papa for starters…

Then give your brothers 30 Billi wey I never get, and before I forget, abeg nor dey ever hesitate to use billing kill me!

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